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What if, one night You found yourself in charge of the light in the moon … The moon’s caretaker? And what if, that same night, The moon’s light bulb burned out? What would you do? This is the beginning of one very strange night … A night called LaLaLuna LaLaLuna LaLaLuna is the newest solo theatrical production from one of today’s masters of physical theatre, Wolfe Bowart. A surreal tale of the moon’s caretaker as he struggles to re-light the darkened moon, LaLaLuna is circus, theatre and film woven together with a poetic and comic physical language all its own. Take a journey to the place where gravity isn’t always on its best behaviour. Float in a comic and visually stunning dreamscape as the artistic director of The Shneedles casts his whimsical eye on the moon in LaLaLuna. The Shneedles As artistic director and performer with The Shneedles (, Bowart and fellow Shneedle Bill Robison have won critical acclaim in Japan, Singapore, Germany, Austria, Spain, Iceland and the U.S. The Shneedles’ recent tours of Australia have seen them earn Best of the Fest raves from critics and audiences alike at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and a sold-out season at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre. Wolfe Bowart As a performer/playwright, Wolfe Bowart’s previous works have been produced for the theatre in the U.S. and in Europe. "Harold’s Big Feat" and "Smoke Fire Fish" had their premieres at Los Angeles' Mark Taper Forum. The California Youth Theatre commissioned “Seven Baskets for Khalid,” Inter-Media Arts in Minneapolis produced "Table Settings" and Maine’s Arts Centre at Kingdom Falls commissioned and produced Bowart and fellow performer Beverly Mann in “The Daft and the Daring.” Bowart’s play "Lemmings and Pallbearers" won Best of the Festival at the New City Theatre Festival in Seattle. "Charcos Secos" was created for Atenau Popular in Barcelona, Spain. The award-winning "Through the Sipapu" was co-written with friends Steve White (Blue Man Group) and Bill Robison. Bowart has co-written several motion picture and television screenplays on assignment, including the season finale of television’s “The Net” for Columbia TriStar. As an actor in the U.S., Bowart has guest-starred on ABC, CNBC, the Disney Channel and PBS. As a director and artist-in-residence, Bowart has brought physical theatre to people of all ages in conjunction with The Los Angeles Music Centre, Wolf Trap, The Ahmanson Theatre, The Playwrights Project, California Youth Theatre, the Virginia Avenue Project and Australia's National Institute of Circus Arts. Bowart’s studies began early with an encounter with a unicycle at age 10. After earning a degree in theatre from Seattle’s Cornish College of the Arts, Bowart furthered his studies with teachers such as Klauniada’s Don Reider and Valerie Dean, and Cirque du Soleil’s Denis Lacombe. letters-end